Mark Le Gallez
1984 Mark One. 6 track Mini LP on Fab Records (f.a.b 1)

The Risk
1985 Forget the Gir.l 7 inch vinyl single (f.a.b 2)
1985 Maxine. flexi disc with in the crowd fanzine (f.a.b 4)
1985 Nice people/I know a girl. Vinyl Cutting Edge comp on Razor Records (raz s16)
1985 Know the truth. Diverse if nothing else comp tape (n/a)
1985 The Risk and Instant Party live in Dublin. Bootleg live tape (n/a)
1986 Ambition/Traffic jam. flexi disc with in the crowd fanzine f.a.b. 3
1986 Jobs for the boys. vinyl ep track on unicorn records phz-4
1987 Loud shirts and stripes. vinyl album unicorn records phza-2
1987 Norma Jean. vinyl comp track on unicorn 1 on unicorn records phza-3
1987 Only cry the lonely. vinyl comp track on unicorn 2 on unicorn records phza-11 1987 An Invitation to the blues. vinyl album unicorn records phza-10
1988 Back to the future. vinyl album unicorn records phza-20

1988 Mad about you. vinyl comp track on unicorn 3 on unicorn records phza-23
* 1988 ‘Out and about’ live at 100 club cassette tape with the threads on unicorn records n/a
1989 This years model. Flexi disc with in the crowd magazine n/a
1989 State of the union vinyl 12 inch single unicorn records 12-phz-42
1989 You are the one vinyl bizarre beauties track fab records compilation fab-lo 13
1994 Dancing with a stranger CD best of album on dojo dole cd 103
2001 Nice people/i know a girl reissue of lp on cd on plastic head records (preaca035 cd)
2002 Songs from the big tomato CD album twist records twist big 18
2005 New religon cd track on shake compilation on biff bang pow records bbpcd 0001
2006 Something on my mind. CD hipsters track on acid jazz records comp
2006 I’m with the band. CD track on howitzer records comp (salvo 06)

The Sacred Hearts
1990 The Love Bomp ep. Vinyl. Teatime Records(tea 09)
1991 Sacred. Vinyl album on Teatime Records (twist big 1)
1991 Lucy don’t mind. Vinyl 7 in single on Teatime Records(tea 12)
1991 Misty blue. Teeny poppers compilation cassette tape (shoubidouwa 01)
1991 Shine. Vinyl track on four your love on Twist Records (twist 2)
1992 Hush. Vinyl Snap Crackle Pop compilation album on Twist Records (twist big 2)
1992 The Primetime EP. vinyl ep on Teatime Records (tea 13)
1993 Broken dream. CD album on Twist Records (twist big 3)
1994 Psyche out. Vinyl single on Twist Records (twist 19)

The Redbones
1997 Candie Gardens cd album on twist records twist big 12
1998 Electric vinyl track on british invasion ep on wabana records ore 12
1998 Psycheadelik Erik vinyl 12 inch big beat remix on twist records eric 001
2003 Far away cd red rag to a bull comp track on acid jazz records eltelcd 001

Thee Jenerators
2003 Mystery man cd and vinyl single on twist records twist 31
2003 Jenerator x cd album on twist records twist big 22
2003 Fight the power vinyltrack on 7 inch single with hobo sounds on twist records twist 32
2004 bBurn the house down cd single on twist records twist 33
2005 Envy/jealousy cd comp track on gbg vol 1 on twist records twist big 23
2006 French disco cd comp album on howitzer records salvo 06
2006 Who the hell is Frank Wilson? CD single on biff bang pow records. (bbpcd011 )
2006 Shake some action. CD track on shimmy compilation on biff bang pow records bbpcd 010

The John Wesley Stone
2010 Doggone. Debut studio CD.

47. 2006 Soul searching/Love and understanding. CD single speakeasy on biff bang pow records (bbpcd016)

1985 Mod Aid 1. Vinyl 7″ and 12″. Bass guitar and b/vs on All or nothing on Stiff Records (the-1/7-the-1)
1985 Twilight zone. Vinyl dedicated live mod aid album on unicorn records (the-2)
2005 Mod Aid 2. CD single bass guitar on afterglow on biff bang pow records (bbpcd 0002)
2005 Houdini everything between us. CD album vocal on jessica question track (my 001 cd)
2006 Don’t know where to start. CD comp mark le gallez and the eddies shambles tribute n/a
2006 Goodtimes CD single. The Eddies on Twist USA records (twistus2)
2006 Mystery Man. White Stripes rarer than rare vinyl lp on spiral soundz records (ssz lp 005)
2004 Mystery Man White Stripes. The legendary lost tapes cd on kombat records (krcd 017)

For the latest releases contact contact mark direct at twist@cionlne.com